Welcome to Connectus

Connectus is a technology company specializing in the development and sale of proprietary cloud-based (SaaS)* PR, marketing and media solutions for businesses and consumers (marketing & information services sector and application software sector).

Connectus is working on three products; NewsBox (Newsbox.com), Planable (Planable.com) and Sounds (Sounds.city).  Focused on NewsBox, we offer an overview of the NewsBox platform and touch on Sounds and Planable, still in pre-release.

NewsBox, the charter product (@newsbox.com), is a dynamic, cloud-based media intelligence platform which is a disruptive combination of the power of social media, functionality of content management and distribution, and a unique content ecosystem.


Connectus’ mission is to give people powerful insights into their world and help them be more productive and deliver intelligence to make smarter decisions.  We are connecting people and brands to create better business.

Our Products


NewsBox is a multi-sided media intelligence platform.

Learn more at newsbox.com


You can do it.  We can help.

Visit planable.com

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Cloud-based media storage.

Being integrated into NewsBox.



Sounds.city (Sounds of the City) is a site created to give cities a better way to promote local artists, bands, music events, venues and resources. read more

Digital Media Solutions

Connectus works with clients on digital media projects compliment to Connectus’ products, specifically addressing ways that clients can integrate Connectus’ products into workflows and overall owned media including websites, social networks and mobile applications.