NewsBox, the charter product (, is a dynamic, cloud-based media intelligence platform which is a disruptive combination of the power of social media, functionality of content management and distribution, and a unique content ecosystem.  NewsBox is a multi-sided platform that provides an uncluttered news feed for reading content from quality pre-screened publishers.  The publishing tools, including auto-optimization, media asset storage and distribution management, offer a way for content creators to efficiently create, reach and communicate with readers while reducing technology management costs.

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    •        Newsreader ( & mobile news app)
    •        Newswire (
    •        News monitoring & alerts
    •        Media intelligence, analytics & reporting
    •        News site embed (‘news box’)
    •        Newsfeeds (
    •        Newsletters (e-mail-based newsletters in over 800 categories)
    •        Newsgroups (discuss news in a public forum)
    •        Cloud storage & collaboration (images, video, documents)
    •        Opportunities (find writers and experts / post requests




Sents is a P2P lending platform helping to make the challenge of lending money between family and friends less damaging to relationships and providing a great loan-sourcing platform for banks and other lenders.  Patent pending.

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Planable is an online planning site with a goal of solving the biggest challenge when doing anything for the first time, not having done it before.  Planable is a social platform saving users time and money by sorting through DIY content, delivering educational, highly rated content that can help the user reach goals.

Planable delivers content recommendations for each stage of the plan instead of simply delivering large amounts of unstructured search results.  Content includes educational videos ranging from cooking tutorials to travel plans.  Patent pending.

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SOUNDS is an online platform focused on local music events and provides tools for artists to generate revenue and manage their brand(s).

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