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As part of Connectus, we can work together to better serve clients, support growth and bolster operations.  Connectus is an ideal strategic partner providing the additional technology, tools and resources you need to be successful.


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Contact us to learn how we can help each other.  We are always looking for new and interesting partners to help us better serve our clients.

Contact us for any of the following:

  • technology licensing
  • affiliate agreements (lead gen, sales, development)
  • international support

Employees & Contractors

Join our team.  We are always looking for interesting contractors and professionals to join our team.  As a distributed team, you can be almost anywhere.

If you are in Baltimore, we have a large office space will a gym, massage area, full kitchen and event area.

Visit our CAREERS page or contact us.


If you are a recruiter, please keep in mind that we typically source our own help but are always open to interesting candidates.  You can send candidate resumes to and follow up using that e-mail address.