Digital Media Solutions

Help building and maintaining digital media solutions to communicate with employees, customers, investors and the media.  We can help you build your brand and drive engagement with key audiences. Need help building a website for your company or brand?  Want to create a hosted media center for your website?

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Media Intelligence and Reporting

Using our media intelligence platform, Connectus can help any organization better manage brands, identify risks and opportunities, and improve engagement with stakeholders.  We can help you monitor company name, brands, key executives and competitors. Want to take the load off and let us manage your media intelligence and reporting?

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Brand Protection & Threat Remediation

If you have online reviews and other content affecting your brand, we can help. Do you struggle or worry about brand impersonators, unauthorized sellers, fake reviews and other similar challenges, contact us.  We can create a plan to help you monitor your brand and handle threats and challenges. We can help you minimize costly legal issues by identifying and tackling issues before they become problems.


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Custom Website & App Development

Want to develop a custom app to meet the needs of your company or customers?  Let’s talk about it. We have over fifteen years of experience building applications and have a large pool of resources available.  We’d love to help. Connectus builds products that help brands find and engage targeted buyers.  Our innovative products provide options to reduce advertising costs, increase opportunities and help manage brand reputation. Interested in a product development checklist we created based on input from hundreds of product managers? Need help building your products?  Message us!


Connectus PR

We can connect you to PR agencies to help you meet your company’s PR needs.