An intelligent information platform for (PR) public relations, (IR) investor relations, brand management, competitive intelligence, finance, marketing and security.


A learning and experience platform helping individuals and teams find support and inspiration while working to achieve goals.


Your local music platform.  Local music discovery and news.

A platform dedicated to music.


An intelligent marketing platform to generate inbound leads, manage marketing and monitor online reputation.


A simple way to manage your product manuals, find quality instructors, keep track of warranties, insurance, updates and service.


NewsBox, our intelligent news platform, is currently in redevelopment.   Learn more

What connects us?  Community.  Experiences.  Learning.  Music & art.

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Telecommunications Solutions

Serving the needs of our communications clients.

Online storage

Domain registration

Website builder

Business hosting

Website security

Website SEO – marketing


Connectus develops cloud-based products and technology to make building valuable connections and finding quality information easier, more effectively and more efficiently, helping our customers reach better decisions, faster.

Connectus’ products are used by professionals in roles including finance, public relations, marketing, investor relations and human resources at companies in over 20 countries including the U.S., U.K., Canada, Ireland and India.  We specialize in PR, marketing and media solutions but offer a range of workforce productivity solutions.  Our current products are evolving.  Please reach out to us if you have feedback or problems we can help solve.  Contact us.