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Connectus. Building connections.

Connectus started as a consultancy in 2001 and started building software applications in 2004.  After years of building software products, we created the Connectus platform to better manage Connectus products and provide a single managed access point for users.

The Connectus platform helps manage product development, marketing, communications, talent management, technical and customer support for companies integrated into the Connectus system.  Connectus is focused on providing value above stand-alone apps and a fragmented marketplace.

Connectus Holdings, Inc. is a Maryland-based company with a distributed global team.  Connectus is working on products including; NewsBox (, Planable (, Sounds (, Planual ( and Intelliprofile (

Next 24 Months

Connectus will continue to build products internally while also partnering with other software companies to develop and market their products.  Connectus is working on distribution channels, partnerships and capital management to position the company to scale.  Connectus is focused on design optimization of our products and exploring application of innovative technology including but not limited to machine learning, artificial intelligence, cloud media storage and blockchain.

Connectus recently completed multiple business incubation programs including University of Maryland’s Tech Venture Accelerator, GovCon Accelerator and YCombinator SUS (originally from Stanford).

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For a complete detail of markets served, contact us.  Request a meeting.

Primary Market

Media Intelligence and Public Relations Information & Software Spend at USD 2.99 Billion.  Segments include media monitoring; media analysis; contact management; press release distribution; and social media monitoring, measurement and engagement management.

If you would like to set up a meeting to discuss Connectus, you can send a message to and include a detailed header.

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