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Gary Pick.

Over 20 years in business including 10+ years of product development.

Strategic and disciplined business leader with a proven track record of launching and managing value-driven business products. Focused on driving the practical application of innovative technology and data analytics to create new business models and drive new sources of value creation.

Extensive experience managing sales campaigns, product development teams, software development teams and leading creative processes to create innovative and forward-thinking products and services. Has successfully managed creation and securing of valuable enforceable revenue-generating intellectual property.  Certificates in digital marketing, data science and machine learning.

Combined experience includes over two decades of work in telecommunications, digital marketing, PR and media. International on-site and remote experience in Switzerland, Ireland, India, Pakistan, Brazil and many states within the United States.

Sam Whitner

Lead Designer

Sam is our production designer responsible for helping turn our visions into reality.

Hemant Shakely

Front End Development

Hemant is a dependable, intelligent front end developer with over ten years experience. Hemant has done great work for Connectus for over seven years.

Distributed Team

Connectus team includes over thirty regular designers, developers and other professionals who help Connectus with our clients’ needs.  Join Connectus.


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Connectus is working on and evaluating new technology.  If you want to partner with us or have technology you feel we should know about, please send us a message.

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